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Organization I Architects
The Royal Australian Institute of Architects
The Royal Australian Institute of Architects is a national

body consisting of 8000 members across Australia and
overseas. The Institute was formed in 1930 when state
architectural Institutes combined to form a unified
national association with the following aims:

  • To advance architecture
  • To maintain the integrity and standing of the profession
  • To promote the profession's views nationally and internationally
  • To encourage the study of architecture.

Australia - 1002

Organizations I Building Construction Assoc.
AIB homepage
The Australian Institute of Building was established
in 1951 and incorporated in 1955. It was incorporated
by Royal Charter in 1969.
Australia - 496

Organizations I Standard Assoc.
AusSTEP - Australian STEP Centre
Australian STEP Resource Centre
ISO Standards for Product Data Representation and Exchange A Technical Resource Centre for Standards Australia Committee IT/6/1
Australia - 493

Organizations I Education
Australasian Building Education

Building and construction management departments
in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea
maintain quite close links with one another, partly
through an annual conference known as the Australasian
Universities Building Education Association (AUBEA)
Australia - 481

Organizations I Conservation
Australia ICOMOS
The Australian National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (Australia ICOMOS) is a non-government non-profit membership-based organization devoted to improving conservation philosophy and practice for culturally significant places. Members belong to a wide range of disciplines and professions.
Australia - 437

Organization I Architects
Australian Architects
Australian architects Organizations
Australia - 1444

Australian Hospital Design Group [AHDG]
Australian Hospital Design Group Website. We are a group of professionals formed to undertake major hospital projects in Asia.
Australia - 1221

Australian Institute of Building [AIB]
The mission of the Australian Institute of Building is to be a leading body of focus for the building industry, valued for its services to its members, reflecting its ideals for education, standards and ethics and the source of authoritative and visionary comment on behalf of professionals in the industry.

Australia - 1132

Organizations I Local Gov. I
Australian Local Government Association
Home of the Australian Local Government Association
Australia - 400

Organizations I Building Assoc
Building Designers' Association of Queensland
The Building Designers' Association of Queensland is
a diverse group of professionals from all sectors of the construction industry.
Australia - 535

Organizations I Product Assoc
Cement and Concrete Association of Australia
The Cement and Concrete Association of Australia will be the pre-eminent source and focus of excellence in promotion, technology and practice in the use of cement and cement-based products.
Australia - 502

Ecology Assoc
Centre for Design at RMIT
"Sustainable development and ecodesign are not just theoretical concepts--they are a new field of activity,
a new arena for innovation, a new source of economically
competitive green products". Professor Chris Ryan,
Director, Centre for Design at RMIT

Australia - 538

Organizations I Construction Assoc
CNBR General Info
The disciplines of construction management, construction economics, building surveying, civil and structural engineering, building and services engineering, project management, architecture, quantity surveying, urban planning, transportation planning, real estate and building science are all included amongst the CNBR membership. The electronic mail list for CNBR was established at the beginning of 1992. Currently it has over 800 members originating from more than 140 universities and research organizations in over thirty countries
Australia - 480

Organizations I Research
CSIRO Built Environment Sector
Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is a world-class research organisation supporting Australia's industry needs. It's Sector for the Built Environment was established to support, advance and innovate the construction and engineering industry.
Australia - 487

Home Ideas Centre Pty Ltd
Home Ideas Centres are a network of permanent exhibitions of building, architectural and home improvement products.
Australia - 1398

Organizations I Education
IEA Annex 31
The work of this Annex will provide building sector researchers with information to improve methods and data for measuring the energy related effect of buildings on their interior, local and global environments.
Australia - 491

Organizations I Construction
Master Builders Australia home page
The Master Builders movement is the major Australian building and construction industry association. Its primary role is to promote the viewpoints and interests of the building and construction industry and to provide services to members in a broad range of areas including contracts, industrial relations, technical matters and training
Australia - 507

Organizations I Property
Real Estate Institute of Australia
The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) is the national professional association for the real estate industry. Founded in 1924, the national body is one of the longest established industry organisations in Australia.
Based in Canberra, the REIA provides views and advice to Government and the Opposition on a range of issues including macro-economic policy, urban and regional development, social housing, environmental concerns such as coastal strategies and heritage matters, banking and finance. The REIA is a politically non-aligned organization.
Australia - 548

Organizations I Standard
Standards Australia On-line
Australian Standards Association
Australia - 508

Organizations I Other
The Association of Consulting Engineers Australia
Engineering Association Website
Australia - 500

Organizations I Other
The Australia Institute Of Quantity Surveyors
Home pages of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
Australia - 501

Organizations I Other
The Design Institute Of Australia [DIA]
Only multi-disciplinary organization of designers within Australia. Through its international affiliations, the Institute links its members with designers in over 40 countries.
Australia - 1182

Organizations I Other
The Institution of Engineers,Australia
Engineering Association Homepage
Australia - 506

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.Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House took more than 16 years to complete. It is supposed to look like a giant sailing ship, and from some angles it does look exactly that. This giant structure has well over two thousand glass panes specifically made for it in France. Unless one gets too close to the building one does not realize that what covers the sails so to speak is in fact rectangular ceramic tiles. Much like the tiles in the bathroom, except that there are well over one million of them made for the Opera House in Sweden.

.Architecture Australia

Architecture Australia is the official national magazine of
the RAIA, and features the latest architectural projects, and issues related to architectural practice and the profession.

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