What's TurboCAD?

Looking for a low cost AutoCAD� alternative? Try using TurboCAD�. Each new version of TurboCAD is released with new and improved 2D/3D tools, additional 3D CAD features and rendering options. TurboCAD is largely compatible with AutoCAD in terms of reading and writing DWG and DXF files. Those who have had exposure to AutoCAD at workplaces and/or colleges will be productive soon after using TurboCAD without having to relearn techniques and operations. You might even discover that TurboCAD�s operation methods are easier to learn and use compared to AutoCAD.
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TurboCAD Resources

Interested in using custom hatch patterns in TurboCAD? Find out more about free hatch patterns that can be used in all versions of TurboCAD, including early versions. Want to create or modify hatch patterns for use in TurboCAD? Learn about the format and syntax of TurboCAD hatch patterns, and how to import AutoCAD hatch patterns.
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The TurboCAD-File-Library is a grass-roots initiative to develop an archive library of TurboCAD files and resources. It is for TurboCAD users who wish to collaborate and discuss techniques while developing the library, or who might want to buy or sell professional TurboCAD expertise. The TurboCAD-File-Library is a user group with 1500+ members, and TurboCAD resources are maintained by the entire group. Gain access to TurboCAD resources, retain ownership and manage all your contributed material, and get full credit by sharing your work with other members.
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