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Architects online I Firms
ACA Architects + Partners
Design, interior design, estimates autocad and 3D imaging
Email :
[email protected]
Philippines - 2485

Architects online I Firms
AJERO Architecture & Design
Email : [email protected].
Philippines - 2060

Architects online I Firms
Active Group Experience
fully-integrated and full-service real estate conglomerate.
Philippines - 642

Architects online I Firms
Adrianse Group
The Adrianse Group is a multidisciplinary design practice offering services encompassing all aspects of space planning, interior design and project management.
Philippines - 12581

Architects online I Firms
Aldwin Beratio
Prodile and Portforio of Architect Aldwin P. Beratio, featuring CAD generated renderings and animations.
Philippines - 12580

Architects online I Firms
Ark Design / Arkipuri International inc.
Ark Design is an architectural and interior design firm working in the Asia Pacific region sine 1986. Now with offices in Perth, Jakarta, Manila and Singapore, Ark Design have designed and completed several notable hotel in Jakarta; Poh Residence in Perth and Surya Paloh Private island villa in Indonesia, are a view of those successfully completed.  Ark Design as a group of professional designers and architects believe that a successful project is a result of and is achieved through, a working partnership between owner, architect and contractor.  We will lead the design team, to achieve a common development goal and see to it through out the construction period that the design is built as planned.
Email : [email protected]
Indonesia - 2081

Architectural Online I Firms
http://[email protected]/arkicad0.htm
Architectural firm with digital solutions in Architecture, animation and rendering - all projects designed/modelled in 3d software by Architect Hermenegildo C. Mercado.
Philippines- 2113

Architects online I Firms
Arriola Architects
Quality Creative Service
Philippines - 2401

Architects online I Firms
Asis-Leif & Company, Inc.
Asis-Leif and Company is a Manila and California-based design and construction firm specializing in world-class commercial and residential design, professional CAD design dervices, 3D modeling, rendering, animation and walkthrough and interactive multi-wining architect Cynthia Asis-Leif and Company is headed by award-wining architect Cynthia Asis-Leif is staffed by top-notch architects, engineers and specialists.
Philippines - 2503

Architects online I Firms
Belt Collins
The firm now has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Guam, Honolulu, Seattle, and Orlando
Philippines - 617

Architects online I Firms
Cadd PROjects
Architectural services, cadd works, 3d modeling/rendering and manual rendering.
Philippines - 1904

Architects online I Firms
CESMA International Ptd. Ltd.
Here, you can take a virtual tour of my works where you can find out what kind of services I offer. An important aspect of my  design process involves simulating the spaces in 3D. Here, I've put together some of the images and animations.
Philippines - 2112

Architects online I Firms
Davenport Campbell
Davenport Campbell's Philippine office began life on January 1st 1995 and has since blossomed to a total of 35 employees. The majority of the staff are Filipino with both local and international experience plus a management of two Australians and one Scot. Our current operations are confined solely to the Philippines and, in particular, the main island of Luzon.
Philippines - 634

Architects online I Firms
Dennis Gonzales Design Studio (DGDS Architects)
: The work experience of our Principal Architect in designing worldclass complex structures has made it the strong foundation of our design firm. His design has won awards in numerous international design competitions.

Philippines - 1852

Architects online I Firms

A young Philippine-based firm offering Architectural and Interior Design, Computer Graphic Imaging, and Graphic Design. Our firm was established in 1992
email: [email protected]
Philippines - 606

Architects online I Firms
Interior Exterior Design Consultants, Inc. (IEDC) is a corporation founded in 1988 to provide complete design consulting services in the areas of architectural, master planning, urban design, interior design, landscape, lighting and graphic design. IEDC has been instrumental in the design and development of several major projects in Manila and in the United States. These projects range from corporate office headquarters, residential condominiums, retail centers, hotels, and resorts to private custom homes.
Philippines - 615

Architects online I Firms
Ingress Design Services Philippines, Inc.
Initially concentrating on exhibits design, our establishment has expanded from a staff of two to twenty, and utilized the experience to gradually branch out into architectural and interior designing for both residential and commercial structures.
Philippines - 620

Architects online I Firms
JB Larano Architecture
Architectural firm based in Manila offering full architect service and computer multimedia presentation.
Email : [email protected]
Philippines - 1892

Architects online I Firms
J.T. Beldia & Associates
JTBAI: An architectural firm in the Philippines, continuously creating new and environmentally sound ideas for architecture, and upholding a system of expertise, ingenuity and excellence.
Philippines - 4595

Architects online I Firms
Lester Joebert C. Yu, Architect
is an architecture, interior design, and computer imaging firm based in Bacolod City, Philippines. Established in 1997.
Philippines - 1500

Architects online I Firms
Maria Lisa Santos Architectural Designer
Maria Lisa Santos Architectural Designer-an architectural design firm in the Philippines.
[email protected]
Philippines - 1105

Architects online I Firms
Nicoles Carranceja Balce, Fuap.Piid,Philippines - Usa
Nicolas Carranceja Balce's Diversifies Professional Practise have services the leading corporate business fiems in the country for the last twenty years. In pursuing to achieve its consurrent established design and service exellence within the philippines' top 10% practising architectural firms, the company still trives to grow in the direction of sustained professional integrity, valued with its broad knowledge and ttechical advancement as to what is architect and interior design to date , and how ncba architects have responded to the globalized design computerization.
Philippines - 4840

Architects online I Firms
NJG Duenas International
Email :
[email protected]
philippnes - 4848

Architects online I Firms
RMJM Philippines, Inc.
Offers a wide range of services in the areas of Architectures, Urban Development Planning, Urban Design and Interior Architecture.
Philippines - 1883

Architects online I Firms
SmithGroup GEXIS
SmithGroup GEXIS, Inc. is an innovative professional services firm engaged in the practice of Architecture, Engineering, Program Management, and CAD/CAE Technology Consulting Services. It is managed and operated by experienced professionals and specialists who are dedicated to providing services of the highest quality and reliability that add significant value for its clients. It has one of the largest fully computerized AE facility in the country.
Philippines - 625

Architects online I Firms
Martinez/Litchfield Architectural Consultantss
MLAC is an architectural design firm with professional experience in the US and the Philippines.
[email protected]

Philippines -

Architects online I illustration
NPerspective, Inc.
Architectural Illustration Techniques include watercolor, pen and ink, airbrush (using colored ink or acrylic), and gouache, with the majority of the renderings done using felt-tip pens and markers. All projects computer modeled for maximum flexibility in view selection and accuracy, and for precise view approval.

Philippines - 603

building & places - Philippines
Locations l Religious I Education I Residential
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Building & Places I Religious
The flowering of colonial church architecture was a significant event in the history of the Philippines. Geographic location, climate, materials, and the spontaneous and improvisational attitude of the Filipinos created a kind of architecture that was unique from Western architectural idioms.
Philippines - 608

education & university - Philippines
Directory I Schools I Students I Education Association
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Education & University I Directory
Colleges and Universities - Philippines
List of Colleges and Universities in Philippines
Philippines - 943

Education & University I Schools
De La Salle University
De La Salle University
Philippines - 605

Education & University I Directory
Far Eastern University Alumni Registry
Registry only.  The availability of the registry service to the alumni does not constitute an official endorsement of the World Alumni Net, its staff or services, by the school.
Philippines - 629

Education & University I School
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology a leading academic institution in the Southern Philippines, the MSU-IIT was established by Republic Act No. 5363. The Institute is the MSU system's largest autonomous unit of seven external campuses. It is the system's center of excellence in Science and Technology. The campus is located in a 9-hectare site in the industrial city of Iligan.
Philippines - 628

Education & University I School
Saint Louis University
The College of Engineering and Architecture has the following specific objectives:  To prepare the student, within a dynamic and Christian environment, to be capable to meet the demands and challenges of technology and of society. Engineering education provides the formal basis for preparing the nation's engineering manpower with the knowledge, skills, understanding, and insight to fill the technological needs of society.
Philippines - 623

Education & University I School
The University of the Philippines Manila
The University of the Philippines Manila (UPM) is one of the four autonomous universities under the University of the Philippines System. Most of the 12 units that now compose UP Manila, started as independent units decades ago. In 1977, these units were grouped together with the establishment of the Health Sciences Center. In 1979, the Center was elevated to the status of an autonomous university and was renamed University of the Philippines Manila in 1983.
Email : [email protected]
Philippines - 604

Education & University I School
University of Santo Tomas
The University of Santo Tomas, a Dominican Institution of higher learning, the Catholic University of the Philippines, conscious of its destiny of having shared from the dawn of its history in the mission of the Church to spread Christ's message
email: [email protected]
Philippines - 626

general - Philippines
Directory I Misc
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General I Misc
Arckay's Homepage
Personal Homepage with links
Philippines - 618

General I Misc

Early Architecture in the Philippines
Review of early philippines architecture
email: [email protected]
Philippines - 611

General I Misc
Philippine Architecture
Examples different architectural types that you might find in the Philippines. Social and weather conditions dictate structural differences in houses in the country.
Email : [email protected]
Philippines - 601

media - Philippines
Book I Magazine I ezine I Publisher
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Media I Book
SULU - Anthropology & Culture
Books on Philippines Architecture
SULU Arts and Books is dedicated to providing literary products from Southeast Asian countries, especially from the Philippines.
Email : [email protected]
Philippines - 607

organizations - Philippines
Architecture Assoc I Building Construction Assoc I Regulation Code Conservation I Planning Assoc I Ecology Assoc I Educational Assoc I Local Government Assoc I Property Assoc I Product & Material Assoc l Standards Assoc I Research Assoc I Other Assoc I
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Organizations I Architecture assoc.
United Architects of the Philippines 
Home page of the architects association
Philippines - 464

products - Philippines
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property - Philippines
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Property Asia
The property and real estate directory for Asia
Philippines - 1486



Philippine Churches .
San Sebastian Church
The flowering of colonial church architecture was a significant event in the history of the Philippines.


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