How to Write a Term Paper: Writing Guide with Outline & Format

Writing an academic paper requires a student to set aside enough time to do research, brainstorm ideas, and figure out how to bring out a compelling essay. Different academic tasks require different guidelines and different approaches to meet the tutor’s requirements. In this write-up, we focus on term paper guidelines and how you can bring different elements together to write the best term paper.

What is a term paper? Overview of parts of a term paper

Like other essay papers, a term paper is academic task students have to write in the course of the term as part of the academic requirements. The score and grades a student get from a term paper contribute to the overall grade. Therefore, such a paper is crucial in a student’s academic life, and that is why you, as a student, must understand all the aspects and techniques required to bring out the best term paper.

Like other academic papers, a term paper must have a clear structure outlining different sections with relevant information. Therefore, an ideal term paper should have the following parts:

  • The introduction

An introduction part of the term paper requires the student to introduce the reader to what the paper is all about. There are many techniques or approaches a writer can use to introduce the reader to the topic. For instance, you can pose a question or state a major problem, then highlight what you want to address in the paper. This section should be one paragraph long.

  • Definition

Here, you simply define your topic in detail, making the reader comprehend the whole matter well as you define the angle your paper is about to take.

  • Discussion

This section requires you to discuss the issue, then give reasons for your arguments, explaining both sides of the concept and how you chose the conclusion.

  • Conclusion

This section comes after you have presented your discussion based on your arguments. Here, you only restate the topic as you sum up your points.

  • Works cited

Finally, you need to cite your work appropriately under this section to avoid plagiarism issues and to provide the reader with sources where they can find more information on the topic.

How to write a term paper: pro tips

Now, when you have your term paper task, the next element you will think of is how to start a term paper. In such an instance, the following pro tips will come in handy.

1. Write the term paper outline

An outline will require you to spare some time, bring the ideas together, and create a simplified draft you will want to follow when writing the final paper.

2. Ask yourself, how long should a term paper be?

Academic tasks like term papers usually have specific requirements in terms of length and number of words. Make sure you know the number of pages required, which is usually between five and seven, with about two paragraphs per page.

3. Take note of the term paper format

Make sure your term paper has the title page, abstract (optional), T.O.C, introduction, main body, conclusion, references, and appendix (optional) sections as part of the ideal format for a term paper.

4. Get help writing term paper

Sometimes, you can get overwhelmed with writing the term paper or simply have a hard time writing such a paper. Well, you can opt to get help from online professionals who provide such services.


Varied academic tasks require unique approaches to quality delivery. A term paper, for instance, requires you to include the parts described as you follow the appropriate format.