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Standard Banner Advertising
Banner advertising is available with links to your company website or aecasia Product Center  throughout the websites. The banner  aecasia on a quarterly,
six-month or annual basis. The price for placing an ad ranges from 6000HK$ 
for 3 months to 1800HK$  for 12 months. The banner advertising program
rotates your company�s banner ads throughout the high traffic areas of
aecasia giving your company exposure to one of the largest audiences of
architectural and design professionals in Asia. There are many banner positions
throughout our website. A surcharge of 25% is applied for a fixed requested position.

What�s included?
Banner ads prominent positions within aecasia. Links from banner to
Advertisers valid www. homepage

What�s not included but can be provided and a cost estimate provided?
Production of the ad banner 
Any translations you may require

Technical Specifications: The banner must conform to the following specifications

Standard Banner Sizes: 468 X 60, 120 X 60 
Total file size: 15 K
Interlacing mode: Gif or Jpeg
Animation: on application