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All rates are quoted net and are reviewed on an annual basis.
The commencement date of a contract will be two weeks ( 10 working days) from  approved art work and a signed contract
Under normal circumstances the client materials submitted will be online in 7 days. Therefore advertiser are urged to supply
the materials as soon as possible after signing the contract.

Bookings for Advertising should be made through the Marketing and Sales department. A signed contract is required to and is available by contacting the sales department .
Reservations are not held without a signed contract. Advertisers will be partly invoiced prior to commencement of the contract period.

Minimum Period of Advertising
Banner advertising 3 months
Key words 3 months 
Product Centers 1 year
Sponsorships (negotiated on a program by program basis)

Invoicing and payment terms
Payment is due 30 days from date of invoice or terms specified on the invoice

Advertising Commencement dates
Banner advertising start dates occur on the first day of the month contracted. If the first day of the month falls on a legal
Thai government holiday, the advisement will appear on the first Thai working day after the Thai legal holiday.

Advertising  Content
Materials are due at The aecasia Network 10 working days prior to the advertisement start date.